Rules & Registration



Rules and Regulations
“International Masters Cup 2020”

Date: 27 – 29.11.2020

Location: Gütersloh City Hall, Friedrichstr.10. 33330 Gütersloh

Organizer and host: Box-Club Gütersloh e. V.

I. Competition

The “International Masters Cup 2020” is announced as a 2-day tournament in master boxing according to § 39 Competition Regulations DBV (Deutscher Boxsport Verband

1. the following weight categories are announced: a) male up to 69 kg, up to 75 kg, up to 81 kg, up to 91 kg and over 91 kg (b) female: up to 64 kg, up to 69 kg, up to 75 kg.

2. the competitions are organised in the following age groups:
Female/male: 35 years to 60 years

3. 2 experience classes are announced:

Male / female:

a) TOP-Master

  • 7 fights in the AOB (=AIBA Olympic Boxing) or
  • 7 Fights in Master Boxing or
  • 7 fights in AOB and Master Boxing combined
  • Combat experience in other martial arts (kickboxing,Thai boxing, Taekwondo, MMA etc.)


  • Without fighting experience or less than 7 fights in
    Boxing (whether AOB or Master Boxing)

II. Technical guidelines

The current competition regulations of the DBV (WB), the AIBA-Technical-
Competition-Rules and the regulations contained in this announcement are decisive. With the registration female and male athletes acknowledge the competition regulations of the DBV. In addition, the rules of the AIBA ( apply!
All-female boxers must sign the declaration of pregnancy form according to § 35 of the WB and add to the current boxing passbook as an attachment. Failure to complete pregnancy form as required will result in that boxer/s being excluded from the tournament.
A boxer only becomes registered for this event upon the full completion of the official entry form. Incomplete entry forms or entries submitted in any other format will not be complete and registration will not be valid. Incorrect or untruthful information in the entry form will result in that boxer/s being disqualified from competition and if competition has already commenced, that boxer/s will take no further part in the tournament. . Registrations can only be made by clubs that are a member of the organizational structure of the AIBA.
All athletes must meet all the requirements of § 10 of the meet competition regulations (for example, having an official boxing passbook with all necessary entries and medical examinations).
The participation of foreign athletes without an official boxing passbook is only possible with the permission of the organizer in form of sparring fights.
The tournament is to be carried out in line with current doping controls.
Cancellations are only possible on presentation of a valid medical certificate by 19.11.2020 otherwise the sum of 50,00 EUR is considered forfeited for any late cancellations.

III. Mode of execution

There must be at least two athletes per weight category, performance class, and age group at the start. The age classes will be matched within a 5-year age difference where sufficient entrants are available. Otherwise, the age difference must not exceed 10 years. in The tournament will be carried out in the knock-out system.

IV. Eligibility

To be eligible you must belong to a club that is a member of a national Olympic boxing federation. Entrants must meet the conditions of the WB of the DBV, the AIBA, and this document.
Entrants must have a valid AIBA boxing passbook and have a current, valid medical examination completed in the boxing passbook.
International athletes are eligible to enter.
International athletes must provide appropriate documentation at the first weigh in to confirm their Country of residence.
The participation of foreign athletes without an official boxing passbook is only possible with the permission of the organizer in form of sparring fights.


V. Drawing lots

Prior to the draw taking place, the nomination committee will announce the entrants in all divisions.

VI. Jury

The jury will be appointed by the responsible boxing association of the organizer nominated. Each referee must have an international license. The organizer bears the costs for this.
Each participating International club has the right to provide a referee with an AIBA international referee license at its own expense. The referee is required to be registered with the entry of the boxers by name and with the referee license number

VII. Costs

All costs associated with athletes, trainers, coaches, and other support staff arising from entering, participating in and travelling to the “International Masters Cup 2020” is the responsibility of the clubs registering.
Requests for assistance with accommodation can be requested to the Organizer but is not guaranteed to be possible.We recommend the Holyday Inn hotel:
An entry fee will be charged for each registered athlete. This amounts to EUR 50.00.
The registration fee is to be paid in cash before the first official weighing to the representative designated by the organizer. Athletes for whom no entry fee has been paid by the first official weighing, will be excluded from the tournament.

VIII Official Companions

  • One to three athletes – two coaches + head of the delegation
  • Four to six athletes – three coaches + head of the delegation
  • seven or more athletes – four coaches + head of the delegation
  • Admission to the venue is free of charge for the official escorts.

For the official companions the entrance to the venue during the Masters Cup is free of charge, not the entrance to the professional boxing gala of AGON Sports & Events.

IX. Sports Equipment

The boxing ring is provided by the organizer. It will comply with the rules of the AIBA. Competition gloves (12 Oz. and AIBA approval; Appendix 12 AIBA) and head protectors (AIBA approval; Appendix 13 AIBA) must be provided by the participating clubs. They must comply with the provisions of § 19 WB / Rules 44, 45 AIBA without restrictions.

X. Competition clothing

The combat dress has to match the color of the corner. The
Regulations of § 19 WB / Rule 48 AIBA. Violation of the regulations of § 19 WB can lead to exclusion from the tournament.

XI. Awards

The first place gets a cup. Second and third place getters will be honored with certificates and medals. Additionally, there will be a presentation at the completion of the tournament for the following awards;

  • Best female/male boxer
  • Best female/male technician
  • Best fight (2x)

XII Seconds

The seconds must at a minimum hold and be able to produce evidence of a valid and current trainer’s license in Olympic boxing. The assistant must at least be familiar with the regulations of the competition rules.

XIII Protests

Only the supervisor of the event in the first instance decides on protests. There are no further protests permitted against the decisions of the jury.

XIV Enabling Clause / Insurance

All athletes, coaches, assistants, coaches, and heads of delegations NADA / WADA bindingly by their registration. This applies in particular to the Competition regulations of the DBV and rules of the AIBA. Each athlete authorizes the organizer to use his or her name, picture or Video material and the results of the ompetition in the press and other public media for the purpose of reporting.
By registering, the participants assure that they have health and accident insurance coverage. By registering, the participants release the organizer from any claims for damages for injuries of any kind before, during and after the event.

XV. organizer / registration address / closing date
Box-Club Gütersloh e. V.
1st chairman
Dr. Horst-Peter Strickrodt,
Oldentruper Str. 269, 33719 Bielefeld


Entries are only accepted by e-mail using this entry form:

Entried received via any other format will not be accepted.

Entries strictly close : 11.11.2020

Date: Sept. 6th 2020

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